Of Successful People


Whether you are looking to deliver the 10 Behaviours to an entire organisation, or start a pilot programme, we make it easy to get started.


Delivered over two intensive days, the 10 Behaviours Workshop is highly engaging, content rich, and practical.

Typically delivered to groups of no more than 16 people, the workshop teaches the 10 Behaviours with a focus on how they apply to achieving greater success in professional and personal life. 

Two weeks following the workshop, each participant has a private coaching session with the facilitator to review progress and plan for future success.

When you attend a workshop, you receive an extensive workshop kit and resources which enable you and your team to continue learning beyond the workshop.


Depending on the needs of your group, the 10 Behaviours content and format can be tailored to your unique requirements.  Using the 10 Behaviours as a foundation, we and our partners, have delivered a wide range of programmes for different audiences:

• The 10 Behaviours for Accountants
• The 10 Behaviours for Athletes
• The 10 Behaviours for Church Leaders
• The 10 Behaviors for Early Childhood Educators
• The 10 Behaviours for Executive Assistants
• The 10 Behaviours for Farmers
• The 10 Behaviours for Funeral Directors
• The 10 Behaviours for Healthcare Professionals
• The 10 Behaviours for Human Resources Professionals
• The 10 Behaviours for Legal Professionals
• The 10 Behaviours for Local Government Leaders
• The 10 Behaviours for Payroll Specialists
• The 10 Behaviours for Procurement Specialists
• The 10 Behaviours for Property Valuers
• The 10 Behaviours for Project Managers
• The 10 Behaviours for Public Relations Professionals
• The 10 Behaviours for Rotary International
• The 10 Behaviours for Teachers and Educators
• The 10 Behaviours for Trainers
• The 10 Behaviours for Young Professionals


The Seminar Series offers an opportunity to learn the 10 Behaviours of successful people in a way that’s flexible. 

These three 1-hour seminars are designed to present the critical behaviours with a focus on identifying the key ideas that will have the most impact.  Seminars can be delivered over several weeks at a time that suits your group (early morning, lunchtime, after work).

Between seminars, participants have an opportunity to practice what they have been learning and return to the next session with their insights, questions and discussion points.


Our Coaching package consists of three 1-hour sessions designed specifically for people who have attended a 10 Behaviours learning event.

Coaching helps you implement the 10 Behaviours in your professional and personal life.  Your coach guides you from where you are today to where you want to be.

Over the three sessions, your coach will work with you to identify what your next steps are and provide guidance and support to help you achieve what is important to you and your organisation.

Typically, coaching is done by phone or Skype/Zoom, with the timing of your coaching agreed upon at your first session.

Success Café

The popular Success Café is a one-day informal event, where you discover the 10 Behaviours in a high-energy and engaging way.

With the room set up in a café style, participants work in small table groups to discuss the 10 Behaviours as they are presented by the facilitator.  Each table has 4 or 6 people. 

The café learning design is ideal for large groups who require a flexible learning environment.

Learning Circles

Learning Circles are small, facilitator-led discussion groups that are held within organisations following attendance at a 10 Behaviours event.

The purpose of Learning Circles is to help the group share experiences, consolidate learning, and provide extra resources and support. 

Learning Circles take different formats depending on the needs of the organisation.  They can be a focused session looking at a sub-set of the 10 Behaviours, or more general where participants discuss their on-going learning and organisational implementation.

Attend a public 10 Behaviours event.