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10 Behaviours Accreditation is for trainers, coaches, managers and leaders who want to teach and coach others to be successful.


Advantages of Accreditation

Deliver 10 Behaviours learning events in your organisation, when and where you want.

Fit the programme content to your exact needs, business strategy, and organisational culture.

Deliver to a work group, team, department, or entire organisation.

Magnify the power of the 10 Behaviours when colleagues attend together, share insights, and establish a common language for success.

Cost Effective
Using your own in-house facilitators and facilities is your best investment.



The accreditation process

Part 1 – Attend a 10 Behaviours Workshop – 2 Days

Part 2 – Attend Accreditation Training for Facilitators – 2 Days

Part 3 – Be coached by a Master Facilitator as you deliver your first 10 Behaviours Event

After accreditation, the facilitator is qualified to deliver all versions of the programme, including Coaching and Learning Circles.  Facilitators order participant kits as needed, and these are shipped prior to the learning event.

For information on accreditation, please provide your details using the form below and one of our team will contact you soon.

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